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BLUESERV optimizes old control systems

More reliable, more productive, more efficient – three convincing arguments for Hosokawa Alpine Electro Services. And just as convincing is the argument for our consultancy and optimization services, especially for older machines.

An upgrade in time is worth it

Out-of-date touch panels and SPS-memory can be a risk to your production over time. If a manufacturer takes a generation of control systems off the market, this can cause problems with support and the availability of spare parts. Avoid those issues and modernize your machine’s control system sooner rather than later!

Updating your control system technology is fast and straightforward. Depending on the model and age, we can easily update your control system or if unnecessary, upgrade it with better, higher performing components.

The advantages of modernized control system technology:

  • Upgrade from S5 to S7 technology for multi-panel or PC control
  • Safer control, formulation management and remote maintenance
  • Improved energy measurement and archiving of production data (ISO)
  • Upgrading of sensor technology and plain-text error messaging
  • Better energy efficiency with new control algorithms and frequency converters
  • Guaranteed product quality

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