Proven equipment as good as new – with Hosokawa Alpine Originals

Short lead-times, attractive pricing, and proven Hosokawa Alpine quality? Combined with the typically exclusive advantages of new equipment? This does not have to be contradictory! Hosokawa Alpine Originals are only refurbished with original components. Tailor-made adjustments, delivering additional components, integrating Originals into turn-key-solutions, as well as assembly and commissioning are all possible. Furthermore, resources are conserved. Recycling is becoming more and more important. Re-using machinery appears obvious. Hosokawa Alpine Originals are a sustainable solution.
Hosokawa Originals are subject to exactly the same tests as new equipment. Only after passing these tests, does the refurbished equipment receive the exclusive seal of approval – Hosokawa Alpine Originals.

This seal denotes Alpine Originals machines


Old machines that seemingly only had material value are refurbished by experts and are then fully functional. Refurbished machines hit the ground running – at an attractive price.



Hosokawa Alpine Originals: suited for all industries.

Ranging from the demanding pharmaceutical industry all the way to the rough processing of hard minerals

  • Mills: Close to all mill types from Hosokawa Alpine are always available in a multitude of designs for a wide range of applications.
  • Classifiers: For high-end products, there are young Originals with state-of-the-art classifying technology. Simpler applications can also be catered to with a previous model as an ideal solution.

  • Compactors: Choose from a wide range of products the right compactor suited perfectly to your requirements.
  • Lab and research: We offer a large selection of mint-condition laboratory equipment for the smallest quantities or for analysis of products.

  • Short leadtime
  • Refurbished by the manufacturer
  • Use of original components
  • Warranty
  • Guaranteed spare parts supply

The current offers


An Alpine machine or system can still be very useful, even though it may no longer be needed. Hosokawa Alpine offers the possibility to simply repurchase the old machine or system. Furthermore, we are glad to assist in the removal of the old machine.
Should the decision be to purchase a new machine or system from Hosokawa Alpine, we also offer the possibility of using the old machine as part of the payment. For the appropriate conversion of your production, we also offer support.


Befinden sich in Ihrem Unternehmen noch alte, ungenutzte Alpine Maschinen oder Anlagen?

Nutzen Sie den Rückkauf-Service von Hosokawa Alpine und schaffen Sie stressfrei und unkompliziert Platz auf dem Firmengelände.

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